Frequently Asked Questions

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Thank you for considering our products! We recognize the importance of both price and quality in your decision-making process. We're thrilled to introduce you to our innovative 3D printing products and explain why our prices may differ from other companies.


Firstly, our products are proudly American-made! We manufacture them in Tennessee using resins manufactured in the United States. This eliminates international supply line issues, ensuring a more efficient and reliable delivery process.


A significant factor contributing to our product pricing is the premium resins we use in our manufacturing process. We have chosen resins that are formulated to be environmentally friendly, minimizing the negative impact on the environment, with a composition no harsher than normal household chemicals. In terms of quality, this resin delivers exceptional results—providing a smooth, matte finish that enhances aesthetic appeal and showcases intricate details without the need for primer.


Because we have prioritized safety from day one, our manufacturing process requires no specialized exhaust systems or post-production precautions, ensuring a safer working environment for our employees. This extends to our customers as no additional precautions are needed when handling, modifying or finishing our products.


While our prices may be higher, our dedication to environmental sustainability, superior quality, and safer manufacturing practices makes our 3D printed products a valuable investment. We're committed to delivering an outstanding experience and products that exceed your expectations.

Production Times

Our products are manufactured on a made-to-order basis, with the majority of orders requiring 1-2 weeks for production and shipping.

Certain large models necessitate a lead time of 4-6 weeks, owing to their considerable size and the extended printing period essential for their creation.

Although infrequent, instances of prolonged production timelines may occur due to heightened demand or unforeseen delays.

Finishing models

When you receive your items you may notice some small post-production markings on the products.

These are unavoidable in the production of the models. A small amount of work could be necessary to prepare the model for finishing.

  1. Once you get your model, locate any lingering supports/sprues, and remove them. This can be easily removed using a set of snips or break them using another tool.
  2. Using a sanding stick file any raised areas from the sprues.
  3. Next clean the items with Isopropyl alcohol (IPA) 90% or higher. You can spray or dunk the item in the IPA If there are difficult spots you can use a soft toothbrush and rinse with more IPA. Once the model is clean allow the item to fully dry. be careful not to soak them for more than a few minutes as the IPA can affect the printed model.
  4. If your model requires additional detail parts, please add them at this time. IPA will dissolve the glue. (Not all models require this step)
  5. Once your model is complete you can paint and decal as you desire. I would highly suggest using an airbrush.

Our Guarantee

We strive to produce merchandise of the highest quality. 3D printing is a relatively new manufacturing process and we are exploring the limits and boundaries of this technology. We aim to provide our customers with consistent quality; unfortunately, when exploring new technologies, there are times when this might not be the case. Due to the hands-on nature of the production and post-production; issues may arise. Please feel free to contact us with any issues or concerns.  We appreciate your continued patience when issues do occur going forward.