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DRGW 42' Steel Flatcar (6500 series)

DRGW 42' Steel Flatcar (6500 series)

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Beginning in 1939 the Alamosa shops rebuilt 28000 series standard gauge gondolas into 45 of these one of a kind 42′ fish-belly flat cars. Rated at 40 Tons, these were the heaviest cars built for the narrow gauge division. Over the years several adaptations were made to specific cars for special services.

On August 10th, 1955, two of these cars, 6526 and 6527 had bulkheads installed to ship wallboard to Farmington to support the oil and gas boom of the 1950s. Both of these cars survived until 1967 but were "forgotten" in the Farmington yard when the last train left. In the end, both cars were scrapped.

These cars were boxcar red with black lettering.

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GAUGE 1:87 - HOn3, 1:48 - On30, 1:48 - On3
SCALE 1:87 - HO, 1:48 - O
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