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Western Rails Company

DRGW 1500 Series High Side gondolas Class 15

DRGW 1500 Series High Side gondolas Class 15

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Beginning in 1898 the D&RGW built the first of their high side gondolas. All told a total of 1300 cars were built in 6 different classes. Our goal is to release a series of cars that can be customized to represent a large majority of the prototype fleet and its variations. More versions are planned for future release.

These cars were boxcar red with white lettering. To complete the model,  paint, and decal to your liking.

  • E1 - Class 15
    • 1500-1899
    • 10 Stake
    • 4-board 40" sides
    • 3' 5" Deck Height
    • 24' 3" WB
    • As Built: 1903
    • Gondola
      • As described per version
    • Idler Flat
      • Sides and ends were removed, stake pockets un bolted. Brake wheels were removed, shortened, or relocated. Used chunks of rail were bolted to the underside of the side sills in an attempt to reinforce the cars.
    • Pipe Gondola
      • Ends were removed, corner brackets were cut or unbolted. Brake wheels were removed, shortened, or relocated. A support beam was installed usually above the bolster for the pipe to rest on and provide additional clearance on the ends over the idler cars.

      As many we rebuilt 1950's there was little to no documentation as to which cars were converted and how. Cars received minimal work to be Converted to either a Pipe Gondola or Idler flat. follows a standard practice found in surviving cars, cars were repaired as needed on a minimal budget. Styles inherit the characteristics of the parent versions with the above changes.

Extra Information

GAUGE 1:87 - HOn3, 1:48 - On30, 1:48 - On3
SCALE 1:160 - N, 1:87 - HO, 1:48 - O
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