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Buchan's 17' Ore Gondola

Buchan's 17' Ore Gondola

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Introducing the Gondolas used by the Buchans Mine Railway - a historic and essential component of Newfoundland's mining industry. These Gondolas came in two variations, straight and peaked, and featured tarping posts on the sides to secure the load during transportation.

Originally built in 1928 by the American Smelting and Refining Company and the Anglo-Newfoundland Development Company, these Gondolas were specifically designed to transport copper, lead and zinc concentrates from the Buchans mine, located in the windswept interior of Newfoundland, to Botwood Harbour for smelting.

Built to the British Colonial gauge of 42" (3 feet, 6 inches), the Buchans Railway was an integral part of Newfoundland's transportation infrastructure, facilitating the movement of thousands of tons of ore from the mine to the coast. In 1957, the railway was renamed the Buchans Mine Railway and continued to transport vast amounts of precious minerals until the mine closed in 1976.

Despite the mine's closure, the Buchans Mine Railway remained a testament to the ingenuity and durability of Newfoundland's railway system. These Gondolas, available in both straight and peaked variations, were a crucial part of that system, capable of transporting massive amounts of ore with ease and efficiency. With tarping posts on the sides, the Gondolas provided secure transportation of valuable cargo.

Now, these historic Gondolas serve as a symbol of Newfoundland's rich mining history and its enduring legacy.



A: Flat end

B: Peaked end



S: Scaled up to be used for S Standard gauge using American Models Trucks. Comes out to about 22' .

Sn3: Scale model that can be used for Sn3 or Sn42 Uses Kadee 148 or 158 coupler.

On30: Scale Model Using WRC or Bachmann trucks and Kadee On3 couplers, or On30 with a height adapter.

Extra Information

GAUGE 1:87 - HOn3, 1:64 - Sn3, 1:64 S - STD, 1:48 - On30, 1:48 - On3
SCALE 1:87 - HO, 1:64 - S, 1:48 - O
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