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ET&WNC Long Caboose

ET&WNC Long Caboose

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The ET&WNC built two Long Cabeese that were nearly identical, the bodies were identical, with variances in the steps as well as the trucks.

Caboose 505 / 506

Our Caboose models each consist of two parts, The body, and the frame. To Build the completed model you will need to purchase both halves, be sure to select the correct under-frame for the model you intend to build.

These models are designed to use the following for completion:

Kadee #705, #713 or #714 couplers
McCord trucks
Injection molded brake wheels
Music Wire 0.012″ for
Grab Irons
Brake Wheel Shafts

Kadee #5, #148, 803 or 807 couplers
McCord trucks
Injection molded brake wheels
Music Wire for brake wheel Shafts

To complete the model, snip any sprues used to protect the model during shipping, ream out the holes on the coupler mount (optional), and truck mounts to fit the hardware of your choice. Add a brake wheel on each end (optional) apply Paint and decals to your preference.

Extra Information

GAUGE 1:87 - HOn3, 1:64 - Sn3, 1:48 - On30, 1:48 - On3
SCALE 1:87 - HO, 1:64 - S, 1:48 - O
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