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McCord Trucks 4'8"

McCord Trucks 4'8"

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These McCord Trucks as used by the ET&WNC are the finalization of a project started in 2014 by Frank Sergent of Sergent Engineering and completed by us! Frank designed them for HOn3, and we felt they should be available in N and O Scale as well!

Due to the amount of detail on these trucks, installation on some cars may require the removal of some of the brake linkage detail as it may interfere with the framework of the car.

Kit contents:

  • One Pair of trucks
  • 2-56 screws

Wheel options:


  • Micro-Trains 957 Nn3 (not included)


  • Kadee 718 HOn3


  • San Juan Car Company 5109 On3
  • San Juan Car Company 5110 On30

Extra Information

GAUGE 1:87 - HOn3, 1:48 - On30, 1:48 - On3
SCALE 1:160 - N, 1:87 - HO, 1:48 - O
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Customer Reviews

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Tom Grabenstein
Recent order

Excellent product, but sadly slow delivery time.

Hi Tom,

Thank you for the honest review.

I do apologize for the extreme delay in shipping. Your order was one of about 80 that was affected by a 'perfect storm' so to speak. We had a shipment of resin that was delayed in shipping to us by almost a week, it had finally shipped and was on track to be delivered the day after we were hit with that heavy snow that shut down most of Tennessee, however, for us we were snowed in without mail or even acess to town for just shy of two weeks further dlaying the original order of resin along with two subsiquent orders. During this time we also recieved over 60 orders which started a rolling back log that we just finally got clered today!

All this to say, the extreme delay that you and several of our other customers experienced is not normaly and rarely happens.