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Soo Line/Wisconsin Central "Sawtooth" 40 Foot Boxcar

Soo Line/Wisconsin Central "Sawtooth" 40 Foot Boxcar

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General History:

The famous “Fowler” boxcar of 1909, first installed on the Canadian Pacific railway, was one of the first successful single-sheathed boxcars in North America. The neighboring Minneapolis, Saint Paul and Sault Ste. Marie (“Soo Line”) railway was quick to follow this trend. A new car was developed using the basic Fowler design features. The length was to be 40 feet, and the side braces extended below the side sills to connect to the cross braces in what became nicknamed the “sawtooth” configuration. The first Sawtooth boxcars were built in 1913 by American Car and Foundry. Soo Line subsidiary Wisconsin Central received several batches as well, beginning in 1914. From 1913 until 1930, 5,400 Sawtooth boxcars were built, eventually making up almost 1% of the United States boxcar fleet. This kit represents the 1913, 1914 and 1915 deliveries of Sawtooths, with distinctive deep "fishbelly" center sills, which have never been commercially available.


Sheet One

Sheet Two


Version List:

1913 Soo Line Delivery:

A: Original Lettering, 1913-1920

B: Updated Lettering, 1920-1930

C: Modern Lettering, 1930-1960

D: Modern Lettering, AB Brakes, 1930-1960


1914 Wisconsin Central Delivery:

E: Original Lettering, 1914-1920

F: Updated Lettering, 1920-1930

G: Modern Lettering, 1930-1960

H: Modern Lettering, AB Brakes, 1930-1960


1915 Soo Line Delivery:

I: Original Lettering, 1915-1920

J: Updated Lettering, 1920-1930

K: Modern Lettering, 1930-1960

L: Modern Lettering, AB Brakes, 1930-1960

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